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Our story

In 2014, a group of friends discovered a very unusual game where discs had to be thrown into a basket. Nine years later, this game has become a serious sport. In the first couple of years, no one cared much about what they were wearing on the course or what bag they were carrying – the important thing was just to get into the woods and play this truly addictive game.

As time went by, the game started to resemble more of a professional sport, and the etiquette of the game became more polite, both in terms of clothing and attitude.

In 2018, Pure’s head designer Rainer (PDGA #73124) drew the first sketches of what he believed a comfortable and stylish disc golf bag should look like. With great enthusiasm, he even sewed half of the bag himself, but then left it at that, hoping that someone would soon design and sell something stylish.

However, by 2022, no one had yet created anything like what he had drawn on paper. From that moment until today, the Pure disc golf bag has been drawn, designed, sewn, tested, and is now finally ready and in front of you.


We spend a lot of time in nature playing disc golf, and that is the most enjoyable feeling about the game: being around fresh air and a clean environment. With our enterprise, we try to do everything possible to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. In production, we use materials and plastics that are recycled and recyclable.

To maintain the shape of the bag, we use recycled ABS plastic, which is made from old computer keyboards and suitcases, and forms are created using a 3D printer.

In addition to all this, we try to participate in various volunteer cleaning projects around the world. We introduce you to our partner “One Island One Voice” whose activities are worth keeping an eye on and, if possible, supporting them. The problem in Asia today is much bigger than it might seem to Europe or America, and we believe that anyone who has the opportunity to support the actions of “One Island One Voice” should do so.

More information can be found here – https://www.oneislandonevoice.org/

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